• Meet The Future / JHC AIoT Computer Powers Driver-less and ICVIS

    In predicting the technology of the future, human imagination has always been amazing. Looking back at our youth, the unbelievable technology imagined in science fiction and science fiction movies is no longer illusory.

    In the movie“I Robot”, the scene that Smith drives a smart car and talks to the “smart brain”was really great fun. T he smart car can accurately identifying the traffic around it and the state of the driver.

    “Back to the Future”: the flying driverless car becomes an intelligent terminal in the living space

    “Minority Report”, All vehicles are driverless,driving orderly and fast, the leading actor on the above "parkour" are still safe.

    Make the future cooler than movies

    Internationally, driverless are divided into six levels from L0 to L5, and the current technology level has basically reached the level of L3. In the era of artificial intelligence, AI has cut into every corner, and the future is still changing. Looking at the future, the once dreamy fashion technology show is still on and changing.

    In the industrial field, with the great revolution of Industry 4.0 and the arrival of 5G era, "smart city", characterized by digitalization, networking and intelligence, has become the "future urban form" that major cities around the world are competing to develop. JHC have been focusing on the field of intelligent IoT for many years, launched the latest AI workstation BRAV-7520/7521,with excellect edge computing performance, mainly suitable for MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) of V2X vehicle networking, including Roadside edge terminal and vehicle edge terminal. As to vehicle edge computing , we also say driverless or autopilot.

    Edge Computing Workstation:CPU+Dual-GPU+Multi-channel memory +DC power supply

    1. Deep Reasoning and Learning; GPU+Dual AI Acceleration Card

    BRAV-7521support 300W NVIDIA high-end graphics card, 75W AI acceleration card. Intel UHD Graphics, DP’s resolution up to 4096*2304@60Hz, VGA’s resolution up to 1900*1200@60Hz,Support 3 independent displays. 8 core CPU+ 268TOPS computing power,195W TDP. Highly competitive in roadside edge computing, autonomous driving, video analysis and deep learning.

    2. Workstation-grade; Excellent CPU; 5Gwireless

    Can flexibly choose the 9th Gen Intel® Core™ processor with 8-cores. Intel® Coffee Lake-R series processor,compared with Kaby Lake, it effectively improves performance by more than 37%. C246/Q370 chipset, 4*DDR4 2400/2666MHz,Dual-channel memory, up tp128GB. 4G/5G/Wifi/BT wireless (optional).

    3. Modular I/O expansion design,meet diverse needs

    4 PCIe expansion slots with auxiliary power supply function,can support 2 PCIeX16 acceleration cards and 2 PCIeX4 VPU cards. Rich IO interfaces(3 gigabit +4 gigabit +5G+4G+CAN). On the X86 basic platform, through multiple common buses such as PCIe slots, it integrates AI acceleration cards with different IP cores and different computing power levels to meet the application requirements of different neural networks or reasoning operations.

    4. Effective heat dissipation and easy disassembly

    Reliability and maintainability: CPU fanless,AI/GPU air cooling (efficient and easy to maintain, active and passive).

    At present, JHC is committed to AI edge computing innovation, covering Driver-less, ICVIS(Intelligent Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems), to accelerate Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System. In this field, we also developed other unique models, workstation-grade embedded computing platform, BRAV series, with the customers of Hikvision, Dahua Technology, TIANDY, CTFO, Hisense,etc., which good for promotion.

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