• ¡JHC logre unirse oficialmente al plan Intel MRS!


    Recently, JHC joined the Intel MRS (Market Ready Solution) Plan relying on excellent solution for Highway toll inspection system. As a member of Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance (ISA), JHC is constantly committed to proposing more excellent solutions for the alliance.

    Intel's overall solution for the Internet of Things industry --MRS was proposed in 2018, aiming to establish the industrial chain ecosystem of the Internet of Things, and to find out end-to-end solutions that have been implemented in different industries and can be promoted and deployed after market verification. Sharing alliance integration resources and enjoying Intel's global marketing plan, alliance members conduct business globally through Intel partner ecosystem for common development. 
    Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution (Intel® IMRS) are scalable, repeatable, end-to-end solutions that are currently available in the market. These solutions are made up of sensors, edge hardware, software, cloud, and analytics from across the IoT ecosystem and delivered through one provider. Through the Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution (Intel® IMRS) program, Intel is verifying that these solutions deliver innovative business transformation by leveraging actionable insights.

    To qualify as an Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution (Intel® IMRS), a solution must:
    Include all edge-to-cloud components
    Demonstrate clear and measurable business value
    Be commercially deployed
    Be fully supported

    ntel attaches great importance to the development of the industrial chain and cooperation with platform, software, and solution partners. Over the years, JHC has been maintaining good cooperative relationship with Intel. JHC, from the initial hardware manufacturer, has gradually transformed into a brand capable of providing complete system solutions for the industry.
     JHC's participation in the Intel MRS program just proves that JHC has provided many excellent solutions for automobile and automation industries, and is highly recognized by the industry.    
            JHC Highway Toll Inspection System      
    Solution Overview
    This system is used to detect illegal vehicles (Violations include: modification, unlicensed, cover, overweight, overage, etc. )
    The patent technology of dual video stream 3D charging model identification is adopted to extract the vehicle micro-feature information by combining the depth car face identification and body measurement technology. The identification results can be perfectly connected to ETC, MTC toll collection system and big data audit platform of toll collection model view.

    Effectively deal with the technical problems such as overlong vehicle detection, illegal modification of vehicles, unlicensed vehicles, block license plates and other abnormal vehicle supervision and charge data inspection!

    In the future, JHC Technology will continue to deepen the cooperation with Intel, get too deep into more valuable industry solutions for users in various industries, and power more industries!

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