• New arrival | Automation Controller KGEC Series, Din-rail installation

    With the promotion of Industry 4.0, digital transformation driven by the Industrial Internet of Things will be a major trend in the next decade. Industrial automation fields such as high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots and visual inspection will also be empowered with intelligence and will revolutionize more thoroughly.

    Edge computing plays an extremely important role In the ecosystem of IIOT. As an important supplement to cloud computing, edge computing performs data integration, data preprocessing, data storage, equipment management, and edge analysis at the end close to the data source, so that sharing the pressure of cloud computing, and ensuring security and real time.Edge computing requires a high level of local data processing, and the traditional PLC/PAC industrial controller are  no longer capable of this task.

    JHC’s DIN-rail embedded system KGEC-6301 series, edge controller, integrates PLC control technology and PC information technology, integrates  motion control, I/O data acquisition and other functions, make the device edge intelligent for further development, and is very suitable for machine vision, CNC machine tools, engineering machinery and other fields.

     Application requirement in industry automation 

    Low power consumption, high reliability, high precision,real-time;
    Dustproof, anti-vibration, anti-corrosion, etc.;

    Display signal can be transmitted over long distances without attenuation;

    Can be installed in small space.


    The KGEC-6301 controller is equipped with Intel® Core I3/I5/I7 CPU with Modular I/O Expansion Design, RTOS, TSN communication interfaces

    · DVI-I/DP display interfaces, the display signal can be transmitted up to 30m without attenuation
    ---Can adapt to the HMI display wiring requirements of different CNC equipment

    · Multiple network ports or serial ports to communicate with  PLC

    · The device can work stably for a long time, and the MTBF is very small

    · PCI expansion slot, multi-axis motion control card

    · The box is small in size and can be installed in a small space


    1. Motion control

    ----Meet high-end and low-end automation equipment market needs

    Bus motion control(EtherCAT/CanOpen) and pulse signal motion control card

    2、Real-time operating system(RTOS)

    Support Windows Real-time operating system( RTX, INtime, EC-Win)and open-source operating system --Linux (Ubuntu+Ubuntu Preempt-RT).
    upport Motion control software development platform--Codesyein order to reduce the difficulty of development and shorten the time for program productization.


    3、Multi-channel expansion and flexible customization

    Integrated motion control, I/O data acquisition and other functions

    1*PCIe X4 slot, 2*32bit- PCI slot, 1*Mini PCIe, support 4G/Wifi/BT.

    The extension module and host are easy to disassemble.Customers can configure PWM pulse control card according to their own needs.

    Very suitable for machine vision, CNC machine tools, construction machinery and other fields.

    4、Ingenious and humanized design to save space

    Small in size and compact in structure

    The extension module and host are easy to disassemble

    Ingenious embedded heat dissipation design, standard Din-Rail rail installation and wall-mounted installation

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