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    The Global System for Mobile Communications Association, GSMA, estimates that there will be 13.8 billion industrial IOT connections globally by 2025 , with 4.1 billion in China,accounting for a third of the Global market. With the arrival of 5G era, the industry chain of IIOT + 5G will aslo bring unprecedented opportunities.

    On December 12, 2019, JHC and Intel formally signed a cooperative development agreement to jointly promote the development of industrial Internet of Things industry standards.

    In 2020, under this strategic standard, aiming at industrial Internet of Things applications, JHC launched the standard modular software and hardware platform embedded computer KMDA-3230 and its series motherboard ECM-I909 based on the Whiskey Lake platform. Equipped with real-time operating systems (RTOS), it promote the standardization, modularization and digitalization of the intelligent manufacturing industry well.

    It can promote real-time interconnection of the industrial Internet of things, and ensure low delay, wide coverage, high reliability and high-speed connection.

            Brief introduction     

    KMDA-3230 is a fanless embedded box computerequipped with Whiskey Lake platform (8th generation Intel® CoreTM i3 / i5 / i7 / Celeron U series processors). Rugged design, -40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃ wide temperature, and power supply with DC 9 ~ 36V wide voltage. It supports diversified and real-time operating systems, can transmit at 10 Gigabit, with high capacity storage, rich I / O interface, which meet all kinds of elastic demand, in line with the strict specifications and standards of the industrial Internet of things. The whole product is small, powerful and delicate, suitable for industrial automation, machine vision, intelligent retail, AI and other applications.

    (1)Excellent system performance , high speed connection, efficient transmission.

    The KMDA-3230 is equipped with the Intel® Whiskey lake U CPU, which has excellent unit power performance, greatly improving the connection performance and computing efficiency. 

    It’s equipped with DDR4 high-speed memory,of which expandable capacity is up to 32GB. While expanding the capacity, the memory bit width is increased. Therefore, when using dual channel memory, it can greatly improve the reading speed and the ability to handle events. In addition, when sharing the bit width with the UHD 620, the display output capacity of 4K UHD images and videos is greatly improved.

    Equipped with USB3.1 gen2 high-speed transmission interface, which is the transmission protocol with the highest rate of 10Gbps, and the speed is twice that of USB3.0.

    The KMDA-3230 system simplifies operations and creates a consistent method to manage various devices on the network, thereby reducing IT support and saving time. With a wide range of connection options and powerful I / O, data can be quickly moved from the device to Network recorder, local server, cloud or any other target in need. Its high-speed and high-efficiency performance will promote real-time interconnection and ensure low latency and large connection in the field of industrial Internet of Things.

    (2)Industrial grade product design, rugged, reliable, secure.

    Supports -40°C to 85°C wide temperature and 9~36V wide voltage power input,suitable for harsh environments and a variety of voltage application scenarios.

    Supports TPM2.0 (trusted security platform module) hardware security encryption, thereby preventing user data from being illegally stolen and ensuring data security. KMDA-3230 has passed CE, FCC Class B certification. The whole design is strictly in accordance with industry-level standards, and is suitable for industrial IOT applications (robotics, 3D machine vision, motion control, AGV, AI and retail, etc.), so as to ensure the safety, reliability and  stability of operation in the IIOT.

    (3Support multiple operating systems ,meet the real-time requirements of IIOT

    Supports Windows * 10 IoT (64), Ubuntu, SUSE, Red Hat * Enterprise (64), Wind River VxWorks * 7 (64) system, supports Windows real-time operating system with hundred microseconds level, also support the open source and real-time operating system Linux 10 with microseconds level. Those characteristics can reduce the development difficulty ,shorten the time for the program to be commercialized , meet the requirements of various operating systems and the pursuit of higher real-time in the industrial field .

    (4)Rich I / O functions, flexible applications, flexible demands

    KMDA-3230 compact fanless embedded system, equipped with 4 RJ45 gigabit ports (10/100/1000m adaptive), 3 serial ports (RS-232),2 serial ports( RS-485),2 USB2.0, and 4 USB3.1 gen2(10Gbps), greatly improves the data transmission rate.

    Its dual display interface--- HDMI and DisplayPort , support 4K display output; 1 audio output,8-bit DIO, 1 SATA III interface (6gbps), 1 mSATA for storage; One m-2 e-key 2230, one full-height Mini PCIe and etc, which can flexibly support 3G/4G/Wifi/ BT/ GPRS wireless transmission.

    To meet the application needs from different customers,the panel reserves a flexible I-Port interface for customers to choose other built-in interfaces flexibly: such as USB, CAN, and Gigabit network ports, etc. It is convenient for ODM customization to ensure customers' complex application requirements on site, and is widely used in different environments in the field of industrial Internet of Things.

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