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    Industry 4.0 is a German concept. It refers to using the Cyber-Physical System (CPS for short) to dataize and intelligentize supply, manufacturing, and sales information in production,and finally achieve rapid, effective and personalized product supply. It is believed that manufacturing industry can only create value through intelligent production in the future, that is, manufacturing itself creates value. Germany is the leader in the field of global manufacturing equipment at different stages of industrial development. Therefore, industry 4.0 proposed by Germany focuses on high-end industry and high-end links in manufacturing industry.

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    Nuremberg world embedded exhibition is one of the most important annual events in embedded system industry, and also the largest embedded exhibition planned in the world. It is a barometer of embedded professional economic development and EU industrial development trend. Since its inception, the exhibition has provided a professional communication platform for the broad professionals of global mobile system and embedded system, enabling us to appreciate the latest successful development of embedded products and systems.

     Upgrade Intelligent Services 

    In May 2015, the State Council officially issued "made in China 2025" and deployed to comprehensively promote the implementation of the strategy of manufacturing power country. The core and essence of "made in China 2025" is  " integration of informatization and industrialization" we usually refer todriving industrialization with informatization, promoting informatization with industrialization and taking a new industrialization road.

    It is understood that JHCTECH has participated in the embedded Exhibition for 4 consecutive times.Nextyear ,we will also appear on the site as before, display industrial panel computers, industrial touch displays, embedded box computers, single board computers and other products,and continue our remarkable advantages in design, process quality, innovation research, reliability, etc. Our service cover three major areas of Internet of things——intelligent infrastructure construction, intelligent manufacturing  and intelligent service industry, and we are deeply engaged in industries such as intelligent Manufacturing, industrial automation, intelligent rail transit, intelligent security and other industries.

    New product display

    At that time, JHCTECH will attend together with the latest 2020 products, including the latest SIGM-3250,a rugged embedded computer system designed for vehicle applications, and Brave-7501 which are very suitable for AI artificial intelligence,small AI workstations for accelerating deep learning ,and high-performance and multi-extension embedded system——  KMDA-3921 .

    As a big manufacturing country in the world, some enterprises or industries are still in the era of industry 2.0, and most of them are in the primary stage of industry 3.0. Compared with the world's advanced level, China's manufacturing industry is still large and not strong, and there is a significant gap in independent innovation ability, resource utilization efficiency, industrial structure level, informatization degree, quality and efficiency. At the historical node of world industry moving towards 4.0,as a national brand of industrial automation that adheres to "independent innovation ,wisedom in China",JHCTECH will unswervingly and actively promote the process of global intelligent industry, promote the construction of intelligent cities and improve intelligent services .


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    Company Introduction

    Shenzhen JHC Technology Development Co., Ltd was formally established in ShenzhenChina's science and technology capital in April 2002 . As an established supplier of intelligent IoT systems, we continues to focus on the R & D and production of industrial computer and intelligent system application platforms . JHCTECH relies on a strong scientific research background and strong financial strength and implement the strategic policy of "independent innovation wisdom in China".

    We have a wide range of product lines such as industrial tablet PCs, industrial touch displays, embedded box computers, single-board computers, etcand OEM/ODM services . Solutions and system value-added services cover three major IoT areas: intelligent infrastructure construction, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent service industry.

    Harmony is precious, integrity is the foundation. We adhere to the core values of "passion, professionalism, solidarity, integrity, innovation, service, respect" to serve our customers, and provide customized innovation services in strict accordance with customer needs. The strategic positioning of “focusing on industry, proficient in products, and superior to services” has become a powerful guarantee for JHCTECH to build national industrial brands.

Shenzhen y chengchang Science and Technology Development Co.

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