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    As more and more people pay attention to smart travel methods, and the corresponding areas of big data, artificial intelligence, and autonomous driving  have gotten incresing attention.In the future, the global rail transit construction will focus more on the development of intelligence, networking, and sharing. From the top-level design, hardware foundation, application landing, industrial development, etc., the intelligent upgrade of rail transit has become the top priority of smart city construction. In the process of promoting the intelligent upgrade of rail transit, to adapt to the harsh environment of rail transit applications, JHCTECH has launched a high-profile series of SIGM-3250  ,which fits the reliability of all aspects of service, and can make us provide passengers with a more comfortable and safe journey.
      SIGM-3250 Solution overview  

    As a rugged and reliable intelligent embedded computing platform, SIGM-3250 is designed  for  the harsh environment of rail transit applicationsThe system adopt the on board memory design, The network port, some USB, and power interfaces use sturdy M12 connectors, and the COM and CAN ports all use double-ear anti-dropout interfaces, which makes SIGM-3250 play a great advantage in the harsh driving environment. SIGM-3250 has passed railway standard certification EN50155.;extremely wide operating temperature range TX (-40 ~ 70 ℃) , making it able to work stably under harsh environment. In order to avoid interference from other factors on the train and ensure the normal operation of the system,the serial port, DIO, and power interface are also isolated and protected. At the same time, SIGM-3250 can also support ITPS vehicle power management function,  which can effectively protect the machine from damage caused by temporary power failure of the vehicle, support dual 4G / Wifi / GPS wireless communication, and provide real-time communication and Information interaction to ensure driving safety . These characteristics of itself makes the SIGM-3250 play an important role in the road vehicle system. 
      Rail transit application video  
    • Vehicle monitoring and diagnosis system 
    • Passenger Information System Media entertainment system
    • DMI-Assisted Driving System
      SIGM-3250 Product Overview  

    The SIGM-3250 is a fanless In-Vehicle&rugged Powered by Intel® Skylake/Kabylake-U processor and dual-channel (On-board+SODIMM) DDR4, supporting 2133MHz, up to 16GB. DP+VGA+Smart Display, three display interfaces, 2*LAN, 4*POE, 5*USB, 4*Mini PCIe, support dual 4G LTE/Wifi/BT/GPS and other wireless functions, 2*COM with isolation function, 8-bit isolated DIO, Optional 2*CAN. 1*mSATA, 1* easy-swap 2.5-inch SATA3.0 forstorage. E-mark vehicle certification, EN50155 certification, suitable for ITS, road vehicle, Railway vehicle applications. 

      Product design features  

    • The features of whole machine design : fanless and rugged design ,high reliability
    • Power supply, network port (POE), USB2.0 adopts M12 aeronautical plug interface, and the other interfaces also have anti-off design
    • Standard configuration of 48 ~ 110V power module (railway vehicle) in line with railway specifications, optional 9 ~ 36V wide voltage input, with ITPS power management function (road vehicle)
    • AT / ATX toggle switch, Clear CMOS switch, switch on / off delay switch are on the front panel, which is convenient for users to arrange on site
       Product illustration    

     Industrial I / O interfaceDesigned for rail vehicle, road vehicle applications

    With All-In-One design CPU board, memory adopt optional 1 channel DDR4 4 / 8GB on-board design, 1 channel SODIMM, maximum 16GBMain board and daughter board realize cable-free PCB to PCB docking, cableless way, higher reliability Multiple stable  I / O interfaces Power interface, network interface, POE interface, 1*USB interface adopts the way of M12 aviation plug interfaceOther I / O interfaces, such as COM, DIO, CAN, use the way of DB9 double-ear screw-proof connectors Support multi-functional expansionBuilt-in 3Mini-PCIe expansion interface, with 2 * SIM card slot, can support 4G full Netcom / WiFi / BT / GPS and other function expansion.  With E-Mark certification, EN50155 certificationITPS vehicle power management function, M12 aeronautical plug interface, anti-off interface, very suitable for road vehicle applicationsOptional 48 ~ 110V iron standard power supply, withstand surge voltage line and line differential mode ± 2KV (1.2 / 50us 2Ω), very suitable for rail vehicle applications.

      Product Features Introduction   

    •  Aluminum rectangular profile housing, fanless heat dissipation, reinforced structure design;
    • Intel® Skylake / Kabylake-U CPU;
    • 2-Ch DDR4, On-board 4 / 8GB + SODIMM, up to 16GB;
    • 1 * DP, 1 * VGA, 1 * Smart Display, 3 display interface;
    • 2 * LAN, 4 * POE, 5 * USB, built-in dongle interface;
    • 2 * isolated COM, 8-bit Iso. DIO, optional 2 * CAN;
    • 4 * Mini PCIe (1 optional mSATA), support GPS / WiFi / LTE / 4G;
    • EN50155, E-Mark certification, support TPM2.0 security encryption;
    • Iron standard power input DC 48/72 / 110V (± 40%);
    • Optional DC 9 ~ 36 wide voltage power supply, with ITPS power management 

    China's rail transportation industry has experienced more than 60 years of development, and has formed a system of independent research and development, complete supporting facilities, advanced equipment and large-scale operations ,which integrates research and development, design, manufacturing, testing and service. The rail transit equipment manufacturing industry will enter the era of informationization and intelligence ,and China will become a manufacturing power country .In the future, the breakthrough development of China's high-end rail transit equipment, new materials and intelligent manufacturing industry will lead Chinese manufacturing to achieve a new leap forward on the international stage. JHCTECH will adhere to the strategic policy of “Independent innovation, Wisdom in China”,  provide customized innovation services in strict accordance with customer needs , adhere to the strategic positioning of “Focus on the industry,expertise in products, and superior to services”, and actively assist in the intelligent upgrade of rail transportation.

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