• El diseño estructurado de los tableros empotrados de obispo y su dirección de aplicación

    Intel and JHCTECH held a sharing session on "Structured Design of OSBC Embedded Motherboard and Its Application Direction".

    The special guest of this sharing session is Mr. Cheng Jiagang, Product Manager of Shenzhen JHC Technology Development Co., Ltd. He is a professional with more than 20 years of experience in X86 research and development.

    The main content of the sharing session is JHCTECH OSBC series single board computer and EI/O function expansion, is a structured design of embedded motherboard and I / O modular expansion architecture, simplifying the design process, is a solution for rapid prototyping hardware systems

    The sharing session gave a very detailed introduction to JHC products, including product features, performance, features, etc., especially in the application areas of the product, a very comprehensive introduction!

    The sharing session was very successful. It not only introduced the product knowledge to the industry and customers, but also meant that JHCTECH is not only professional in the field of industrial computers, but also has further t in the future.

Shenzhen y chengchang Science and Technology Development Co.

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