• Meet future / JHC BRAV series, driver-less, ICVIS

    JHC AIoT computer,very suitable for driver-less, ICVIS(Intelligent Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems)

  • JHC’s KAGO family power industrial automation

    Equipped with Intel® Skylake-S/Kabylake-S/Whiskey lake-U CPU and modular I/O expansion , supporting EtherCAT/CanOpen communication interfaces

  • News!JHC collaborate with Cambricon for building AIoT intelligent ecology

    Aims to optimize AI computing power of edge-end devices, accelerate the development of AIoT industries, and jointly build a new smart ecosystem.

  • Joining Intel MRS plan formally, JHC is committed to powering more industries

    Recently, JHC joined the Intel MRS (Market Ready Solution) Plan relying on excellent solution for Road Pricing Inspection System.

  • New arrival | Automation Controller KAGO Series, Din-rail installation

    Edge controller, integrates PLC control technology and PC information technology, integrates  motion control, I/O data acquisition and other functions


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